What is MedTech West Summit

MedTech West Summit is a content-driven conference focused on providing a clear understanding of the transformational change taking place in the supply base of the medtech industry. Join us in Galway on May 7th 2020 to discuss the supplier partnership strategies being pursued by the Medical Device OEM’s, how these strategies are evolving and their potential impact on the supply base. 


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Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh

Principal S.LO. Consulting,
Former VP Global Operations, Medtronic
Sandra Ganly

Sandra Ganly

Medtech Director, BioExel
Kevin O'Reilly

Kevin O’Reilly

Principal Beechdale Consulting,
Former VP International HR, Boston Scientific

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Genuine partnership – the challenges facing suppliers and multinationals in creating mutual value

A look at the journey of medtech suppliers and the barriers to sustainable success. This panel discussion examines the changing nature of the relationship between supplier and multinational, with invaluable insight offered by key global stakeholders.

Building a predictable and sustainable organisation in the face of complexity and change

This session examines the pursuit of continued competitiveness. Key to this discussion is the difficult journey towards systems thinking, and the need for companies to acknowledge their true position on the road towards best in class.

Executing in the short term while preparing for transformational change

Success in the short term is the life blood of any organisation. Equally important is the need to achieve future transformation. This session examines the type of leadership required to maintain operations excellence while developing strategic opportunities for continued growth.

The value of medtech start-ups – a look at the opportunities and challenges facing this crucial ecosystem

 Creating an innovative and compelling proposition carries significant risk. With the high cost of product development contributing to significant financial uncertainty, this session sees industry leaders shine a light on the realities of succeeding as a medtech start-up.

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Galway represents an outstanding location for MedTech West due its position as the epicentre of Irish medical technology. Of approximately 38,000 people employed within medtech in Ireland, one third of these roles are based in Galway within both multinational and SME companies. Join us on May 7th 2020 to gather and discuss the trends, opportunities and threats within the global medtech sector.