***MedTech West Summit postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19 outbreak. Read more.***

What is MedTech West Summit

The global medical device sourcing segment is currently valued at $70 billion and is going through transformational change. This international conference will provide a unique perspective on the sourcing strategies being pursued by the major companies in this market.

A select group of senior global leaders from these medical device companies will present and discuss current trends in sourcing, the challenges they face and how they are addressing these challenges. In addition to the opportunity to network with these leaders, participants will also gain valuable insights to leadership perspectives on data not readily available or discussed in a global context.

Key themes of the conference will include:

What are the key challenges facing the major medical device companies from a sourcing perspective and how are these challenges impacting their strategic approach to sourcing?

What are their expectations of the supplier network and how are these expectations being met?

How are the major medical device companies resourcing and organizing in order to leverage and optimize their spend and supplier network?

Discussions during the conference will include: strategic approaches to commodity management; global sourcing; supplier categorization; consolidation strategies; and associated organisational structure models.

Through presentations and panel discussions the conference will explore the implications, challenges and opportunities this sourcing evolution has for the medical device companies, suppliers and investors, providing a perspective and framework by which all stakeholders can examine their current thinking and strategic approach.

Who Should Attend


Sourcing leaders from across the medical device sector


CEO’s, sales, quality and R&D leaders within the supplier network


Current and future investors and service providers to the supplier network

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We are delighted to hold the inaugural MedTech West Summit in Ireland. Join us on May 7th to network with international sourcing leaders and examine the transformational change taking place within the medical device industry.

MedTech West takes place at the renowned Galmont Hotel in Galway, Ireland. Further details regarding both the venue and accommodation can be found here.